Our Journey

In 1854, members of First Baptist Charleston felt God calling them to plant a new church in the upper wards of Charleston. They packed their bags and moved to the edge of the city, driven to make disciples and spread the gospel.

More that 160 years later, we are still about that mission. We exist to glorify God by worshiping Him and making disciples. The way we do that is through what we call rhythms. We regularly connect with one another, cultivate our relationships with Jesus, care for those around us, and celebrate what God is doing in and through our lives.

We believe the bible teaches us that disciples follow Jesus, learn from Him, and lead others to Him. Just as we engage in our rhythms together, we also have seven convictions we try and live out individually.

  • Availability to follow God’s direction.
  • Faith that is willing to risk failure.
  • Humility that acknowledges my inability to succeed on my own.
  • Total dependency on God’s word.
  • Team mindset to help one another be like Christ.
  • Worship lifestyle that glorifies God through our daily obedience.
  • Transformation of heart brought about by the Holy Spirit.

Our journey is far from over. Along the way, new people will join and familiar faces may leave. But we continue pursuing what God called us to do in 1854. We hope you decide to join us on the journey.