Day: August 10, 2022

How to Begin a Bible Study Online

As a leader, you have the chance to share the gospel without ever leaving your house or place of worship. You will learn everything you need to know about starting an online Bible study from this detailed guide. Avoid frequent errors to expand your audience right away!

Who Can Benefit?

Bring together members of a Bible study group without making them worry about schedules, travel time, or babysitters. When it’s convenient for them, they can get together. Internet-based groups are available at all times and can even help active missionaries who require materials for discipleship.

People who have stopped going to church due to a sickness or another difficulty, like getting older, might be able to go again in the virtual setting. Just when people believed they would never be able to worship or study with others once more, this cheers them up and sheds new light on their life.

Grandparents are important. Set them free from immobility or other restrictions so that they can use the strength of a community to share their love and pray. You are aware of how powerful prayer is.

Let’s look at different methods for doing this. Utilize the power of the internet to …

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