Who We Are

At Citadel Square Baptist Church, we worship Jesus Christ, a Risen and Mighty Savior. You are welcome to join us in worshiping Him.

We appreciate your visit on this day. Please explore the different sections of our website to learn more about us, who we are, and where we are located. After doing so, we sincerely hope that you will visit Citadel Square to join our community of believers soon.

Citadel Square Baptist Church has been a beacon in the Holy City for more than 150 years. Our mission is to spread the gospel and instruct people about Jesus Christ. We are equally fervent about motivating and supplying believers with the tools they need to serve in His expanding Kingdom.

Both young and old, married and single, are served by our ministries. Children, teens, college students, single individuals, married couples, and older citizens can all participate in our programs. Additionally, we have a deaf ministry that interprets!

What We Do

There are numerous ministries at Citadel Square for people of various ages.

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